Lockdown 2021

The Metro Manila endured a two-week lockdown but starting today will downgrade to second highest quarantine level the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine or MECQ until the end of August 2021. I am personally tired of lockdowns. It is so repetitive, Although the government is more aggressive about the vaccination roll-out. A lot of people are suffering. Government said that lockdown is not the only solution to this problem, also the vaccination and the obedience of the people. Lockdown will limit movement of the people. In almost two years of this situation business was affected resulting to a massive unemployment. Mass gathering is still prohibited. If the trend of discovering new variant of the virus continues, How long should we combat this pandemic. Some government hospitals is now declaring its full capacity and considering not to admit patients except those with Covid19! Is it for real? what about other patients suffering from other diseases?

Lockdown means being adaptable to change and discomfort we are facing. It is also about reflecting about life, thinking how bless you are everyday that you still have your work and most importantly you are alive. It is thinking of ways to make a living even in a very difficult situation. Its about being grateful that you still in a good health condition. Most of all, its about trusting God will make the best out of pandemic.

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