My Jobs as a Virtual Assistant

Way back 2017, I was a Virtual Assistant for a real estate and shopify clients. One based in California and the other one in UK. I learned a lot of digital skills doing this job. This also helped me for my daily allowance while studying. This blogsite is a product of my learning.

Currently, I am waiting for a call from the Department of Education if they will offer me a teaching position in public school. While waiting, I decided to apply online so I will not be unemployed. Three days after our school year in private school ended, I started once again as a VA for a client from UK. He is an Architect and I’m working for him for more than three months now. I have no plans of leaving this client even if DepEd offer me a teaching job. Well, I am working for him part time and I am earning decent amount.

For this particular client, I do email management, social media management, transcription, document creation, answering calls etc. I am enjoying my job!

Anyone who is hardworking and willing to learn can be a VA. From the word itself you will help your client grow their business. They are busy people and need help in day to day routine. Basic knowledge in google apps (google docs, google spreadsheet,etc.) is required as you will be working collaboratively and remotely. Communication skills is really essential so you need to be fluent verbally and in written form. There are many online recruitment sites you can apply for this industry. I applied in I created an account and sent so many application emails. I see some of my friends applying in Upwork as well.

The advantage of working as a VA is that you work at the comfort of your own home. No need to commute for several hours to get to your office. You may also work for a several clients at the same time. As long as you do the job, it’s ok to have 2-3 clients or even more. And because they are using different softwares to run their business, expect a lot of learning and skills that can be useful to you too!. And ofcourse a better compensation will help you survive the expenses during this time of pandemic.

If you think this article is useful, follow my blog, share this to your friends and relatives and together lets rise above the challenges of covid!.

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