What is a chatbot?

I recently learned to set up a messenger chatbot. I attended a 3-day webinar offered by ManyChat for the Philippine market. Chatbot is an automated messaging system that can be used through facebook messenger and I believe through Instagram as well as per their newsletter. I think this is a very useful marketing tool for business owner as both platforms have billions of active user every month. Look around and you will see people busy using their cellphones.

ManyChat showcases their capability to integrate marketing from messenger to facebook ads allowing a lower cost of advertising. An ad can automatically redirect customers to messenger and customers will receive automated responses so business owners can save time for the frequestly asked questions about their offer. A business owner can actually close a sale with this process.

As a Teacher, I also use ManyChat to create a quiz and deliver it to my students via messenger. What an amazing feature! I can give them real time score and less hassle for checking. As of this writing, I am on a free plan with wordpress and I will upgrade to premium plan very soon to sell a course in creating a quiz through messenger. I dont have the capability to upload videos in my blog as of this moment.

Soon I will publish a glimpse of how amazing ManyChat is!

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