Questions for BPO interview

I noticed that the most viewed article in my blog site is still about BPO application. I received a lot of emails asking how they can ace the interview. I published several tips and tricks for this one, and I know people will see all those possible questions over the internet. But the real question would be, “How well do you really know yourself?”. You can memorized many answers as you want but if you do not really know your capacity, skills, and personality you will end up losing the chance of getting hired. Once again interviews will just go around personal, theoretical and hypothetical questions. Interviewers will pick the one who is sensible and truthful to his/her self. You may have 100 possible questions but if you cant deliver the answer showcasing yourself on how you can help the company, you will still be rejected. Keep in mind that the company is doing business, they are looking for someone who can help their operation by finding people with the right skills and attitude. It doesn’t matter if you lack experience (people can be trained) and no one started as an expert. What matter is your perspective in life in carrying yourself to stand out among so many applicant. Its always conquering your fear and shortcomings. So if you are planning to apply at this time always walk with positivity. Company will feel you being genuine.

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