Road to being an LPT

Hi folks!!! It’s been a while since i last posted my story about my college journey. I am so happy that God has blessed me. 2019-2020 Academic year is about to end. Who would have thought that i almost complete my first year of teaching. A year full of struggles and adjustments. I’m fortunate enough to be employed as a math Teacher even before i graduate in college. I became a scholar of one of the most formidable review center in the country the Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC). I took and succesfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers last September 2019. And guess what? It will be my Oath Taking tomorrow at Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City. I just wanna share how great God is in my life. From nothing to Licensed Professional Teacher. How are you guys?

6 thoughts on “Road to being an LPT

  1. You brought me back to college days. It was a sweet and momentary escape…

    I made it to the passers’ list in 2006. I was lucky and blessed to have passed the board exam by directly taking it. The decision was done in a haste. My successful story was an attestation to destiny.

    Let’s affirm not just claim that you’ll get the license by that time.

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