BPO 101 Invitation

bpo 101

I would like to apologize for being late in interacting with several of you . I opened my contact forms and some of you are generous enough to give their email addresses. I want to personally write the things that i think will be useful if you are serious to penetrate BPO industry. Your email address is a good means for me to communicate with you, however i decided to create a facebook closed group. Where in i could grasp some idea of the things i need to write based from your suggestion. I would like you join this group, i’ll be waiting for your request. below is the link.


Lets us learn and work together so we will be able to reach our goal, before i end i would like to know the following:

1. Have you tried applying at this point in time?
2. In which area in your communication skills do you think you need to improve on?

Send your respond to the group page after you send the approval request.
I will be more active in responding with you. Hope to hear from you.


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