Re-opening of Boracay


Once hailed as the best island in the world.

Boracay island of the Philippines is a real paradise. Despite its beauty, it suffered from environmental issues and commercialism. These two seem like raped the island resulting to potential harm to nature. Bacterial content of the sea water was tragic, coastal waste increased all because of humans!.

The government saw this problem and decided for the island to be rehabilitated. This got a lot of reactions from the netizens and tourists themselves. But for me, having a government who cares for nature and sustainability is better than the economic purposes that will destroy everything, the income generating activities, the nature, and lives. The government made a very good decision to protect Boracay and it did! For 6 months they clean up the area. Removed the drainage system of waste going directly to the island, implemented stronger regulations resulting to improvements. Ofcourse 6 months is not enough to overhaul the management but it definitely change the perspective of the country towards tourism. Some countries recognized the Philippines effort for protecting not just the environment but the ecosystem.


Boracay is now re opened and requires a strict compliance with the implementing rules and regulations design to protect the tourism.

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