And the time has come


In less than four hours, the biggest birthday sale will start at exactly 12 midnight, i have been promoting this event left and right for the past weeks. Discounts are my primary reason not only for me but for my friends as well, after this event my blog will be filled with my product reviews, i will be telling my followers of the best selling items i sold being an affiliate for more than a year now. I guide all my buyers to the best of my ability in shopping online specifically through Lazada. I can see Lazada will remain as the best online shopping platform not only in the Philippines for the next years or decades. What i love about selling is that i gained a lot of friends from different region of the country. Most of my buyers are satisfied the way i helped them and that for me is an achievement. From this corner of internet, i wanna greet Lazada Philippines a happy birthday, more to count Laz!!!Lets get the party started.

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