A Message To All Single Moms out There

Happy Mothers Day

Heaven Blessed


I was given a chance to talk to one of my close friend who happens to be an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Singapore. Its been years i think since we last talked. Conversation runs jolly as i knew her as a happy person her entire life, nothings changed. She is the same person i knew then until now. We talked about her daughter and her job and my life was only into that conversation. She will be home this June of 2017 and invited me to her home. Dialogue went to a little bit about financial aspects.

“I temporarily stop spending for a home renovation, my daughter is 7 years old now. And i’m thinking about her future“. My Boss once said, i wonder why there’s a lot of Filipina nowadays as a single mom. I said probably that’s all your fault,  (which i realized a very stupid…

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